Folks... I'm Dr. Muggles, the doctor on call at the PRESSURE DROP web site.

They tell me I got the job because I'm the king of bedside manner but I just like to think of myself as a compassionate healer.

Upon visiting each of the five sections of this site (represented on the Eye-Bar at the left) you'll be introduced to the famous MORRIS POTASHNER and the other characters of Marc Ostrick and Ezra Soiferman's feature-length screenplay Pressure Drop.

Originally an award-winning, eighteen-minute NYU student film, PRESSURE DROP has been transformed into a feature screenplay that is a wild romp through the joys and perils of growing up and growing old with medical marijuana.

With everyone up in arms about the state of our healthcare system and the national demographic rapidly shifting towards a society with a larger senior population, it's no wonder that a screenplay like this has emerged.

So stay tuned, Marc and Ezra are working on ways to get it filmed and onto the big screen soon.

Have a nice trip through this special site. It was created with you in mind. And thanks for passing the good word on to a friend if you think they should visit too.

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